The Faculty of Business and Communication Studies is offered at Kaning’ina Campus.

It has the following departments:

  • The Department of Accountancy
  • The Department of Business Management
  • The Department of Communication and Media Studies

It offers the following programmes:

  • Bachelor of Accountancy
  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • Bachelor of Journalism and Development Communication

Bachelor of Accountancy

The overall objective for Accountancy Department is to offer demand-driven accountancy and finance academic programme that provides solutions to stakeholders’ problems and assist in exploiting opportunities in area of research and professional development.  In accountancy, this objective would be achieved through several sub-objectives including:

  • Strengthening the current programmes through periodic reviews.
  • Introducing new programmes to meet changing needs and conditions in the business environment. This would result in increased access to higher education which is in line with Malawi Government goals and the University’s strategic objective of expanding equitable access to higher education.
  • Developing the right quality of academic staff to support the department’s programmes and quality of education.
  • Intensifying contacts with employers in private and public sectors as a vital source of feedback on programmes that the University offers.

Achievement of the above sub-objectives would lead to the achievement of the university mission of advancing knowledge and professional competencies in Science, Technology, Commerce and Communication through excellence in demand driven education, research, consultancy and outreach.


Bachelor of Business Management

The Programme objectives

The Bachelor of Business Management program seeks to develop graduates who will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of the strategic management process and an ability to assess industry attractiveness and the competitive environment
  • Be innovative and entrepreneurial as well as be able to start and run success ventures.
  • Comprehend economic theories, concepts, policies and processes of the national economy and to make analyses and provide expert opinion in decisions making
  • Identify and apply mathematical and statistical concepts and methods in order to analyse, interpret and solve various business operations problems
  • Use the gained interpersonal and leadership skills to communicate vision, provide a sense of direction, be able to work in a team, delegate and coordinate responsibilities, inspire employees and to deal with conflict situations and to promote positive change
  • Effectively employ tools and techniques of financial accounting, managerial accounting and corporate finance to make decisions regarding tactical, operational as well long-term business and investment strategies

Bachelor of Journalism and Development Communication

Aims/Objectives of the Programme

The programme aims at equipping students and practitioners in the industry with requisite skills and knowledge in Journalism and Development Communication. The expectation is to produce experts who can understand the issues and problems of development in general, and of a development area in particular, and, thereafter, apply concepts, principles and skills of journalism and development communication to help in solving the problems of a community, a country or the world.

Graduates of the programme can work as journalists, communication officers, community mobilization officers, civic education officers and communication entrepreneurs.

Bachelor of Accountancy Entry Requirements

  • Normal Entry: All eligible candidates for level one must have six credits, including Mathematics and English at Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) or its equivalent.

  • Mature Entry: All eligible candidates must have a Diploma in Accounting or related programme from an accredited and recognised institution of higher learning, plus MSCE or equivalent with Four (4) credits, including Mathematics and English, and a minimum of two (2) year work experience in a commerce related field after obtaining a relevant Diploma. Mature entry candidates can join the University at level Two (2) or Three (3), depending on their qualification.


Bachelor of Journalism and Development Communication  Entry Requirements

  • Normal Entry: A Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) or its equivalent with 6 credits, including any combination of two principal courses of English and Mathematics. These should all be passed at the same or 3 separate sittings.
  • Mature Entry: Holders of Diploma or its equivalent in any related field from recognized institutions will be enrolled either in level 2 or 3 following full assessment of their transcripts and depth of content covered. Those with certificates in related fields will be enrolled in level 1.


Bachelor of Business Management Entry Requirements

  • Normal Entry: To be admitted into the programme of study one has to have passed with 6 credits that include English and Mathematics at the Malawi School Certificate of Education Examinations or possess either the O’ or A’ Levels with at least strong pass in English and Mathematics. All these shall be admitted into year 1 of the programme.
  • Normal Entry: Diploma holders will be admitted into year 2 or 3 depending on relevance as assessed based on type and depth of courses studied at Diploma level and credibility of the Diploma awarding Institution.