The  University of Livingstonia  Library continue to expand access to online content including e-books to supplement the existing printed collection. The move is intended to address challenges emanated from traditionally textbooks, such as access and affordability. These books are licensed under an open copyright license and made available to be freely used by the University community.

 Bookboon [Area: Multidisciplinary]

College Open Textbook  [Area: Multidisciplinary]

Community College Consortium of Open Text Books  [Area: Multidisciplinary ]

Connexions  [Area: Multidisciplinary]

Digital Book Index  [Area: Multidisciplinary]

Flat World Knowledge  [Area: Multidisciplinary

Global Text Project  [ Area: Multidisciplinary ]

Merlot II  [ Area: Multidisciplinary ]

MIT Online Textbooks  [ Area: Multidisciplinary ]

Open Book Publishers  [ Area: Multidisciplinary ]

Open Textbook Library  [ Area: Multidisciplinary ]

Open Textbook for Hong Kong  [ Area: Multidisciplinary ]

Project Gutenberg    [ Area: Multidisciplinary ]

Rice University Book Project  [ Area: Multidisciplinary ]

The Orange Groove  [ Area: Multidisciplinary ]

University of Pennsylvania  [ Area: Multidisciplinary ]


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