University of Livingstonia (UNILIA) is a fully accredited institution for higher learning by the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE). The University invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to enroll into its various degree programmes commencing in January, 2021 as here below;

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  1. LAWS CAMPUS at Livingstonia Plateau with an attractive view of the northern part of Lake Malawi and Tanzania

A         Faculty of Education

  1. Bachelor of Education in Sciences
  2. Bachelor of Education in Humanities
  3. Bachelor of Education in Information Communication and Technology Education
  4. University Certificate of Education (UCE)

B. Faculty of Applied Sciences

  1. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management
  2. Bachelor of Science in Public Health
  3. Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
  4. Bachelor of Science in Food Security and Nutrition

2. EKWENDENI CAMPUS at Ekwendeni

C. Faculty of Social Sciences

9. Bachelor of Social Science in Human Rights

10. Bachelor of Social Science in Development Studies

D. Faculty of Theology

11. Dipoma in Theology

12. Bachelor of Theology

13. Bachelor of Theology (Upgrading programme)

14. Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Development Studies

3. KANINGINA CAMPUS in Mzuzu City (Non residential)

Faculty of Business and Communication Studies

  1. Bachelor of Accountancy .
  2. Bachelor of Business Management , and
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Development Communication.



Faculty of Theology

  1. Master of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies
  2. Master of Arts in Theology and Gender Studies
  3. Master of Arts in Theology and Development Studies


Undergraduate programmes:

1. All programmes require a Full MSCE or its equivalent with six (6) credits, English is a must and in addition to English;

2. Programmes 1, 5, 6 and 8 require credits in Mathematics, Biology, Physical Science and any other subjects.

For Public Health – 6, Holders of University Diploma or equivalent qualifications in (Nursing and Midwifery, Clinical Medicine, Environmental Health) obtained from recognised institutions will be enrolled in 3rd year.

Paramedics and those with Certificate in Clinical Medicine including Diploma in Biomedical Sciences and Nursing and Midwifery Technician Diploma from a recognised institution will be enrolled in 2nd year.

3. Programme 2 and 17 require credits in any two of the following subjects: Geography, History, Social Development Studies, Religious Studies and Life Skills. Holders of Diploma in Education (Humanities) from a recognised institution will be enrolled in 3rd  year.

4. Programme 3 and 7 require credits in Physical Science and Mathematics.

For Programme 3, Holders of Diploma in Education (Sciences) from a recognised institution will be enrolled in 3rd year. Holders of Diploma in Computer Engineering and/or equivalent from a recognized institution may be admitted in 2nd year.

5. Programme 9,10, 15, 16 require a credit in Mathematics.

Holders of Advanced Diploma or Certificate in Development or Social Science related field from a recognised institution will be enrolled in 2nd  year.

6. Programme 11, 12, 14: Applicants for the Ministry or serving ministers in the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia should apply through appropriate church channels for enrolment.

Programme 13 requires a Diploma in Theology from a recognized institution.

For 14, Holders of Diploma in Theology or Developments Studies or Education with a major in Theology and Religious Studies and minor in Social and Development Studies from a recognised institution will be enrolled in 3rd year.

7. Holders of Diploma in these programmes from a recognised institution will be enrolled in either 2nd or 3rd year subject to evaluation of transcript and certificate.


  1. Interested candidates should possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, or Education (Humanities), or Social and Development Studies with credit or equivalent fields from a recognised institution. The programmes will be offered through both Coursework and Research, or by Research only.
  2. Masters by Coursework and Research will be done in two years, with one year dedicated to coursework on the campus, while the second year to research.
  3. Masters by Research will be completed in three years, through extensive research work, writing of modules and a dissertation.

Local undergraduate students will pay MK585,000 (residential) and MK505,000 (non residential). International students will pay US$ 1,135,00 and US$695 respectively. UCE students will pay MK300,000.

Local Postgraduate students will pay MK1,500,000 per year by coursework, and MK1,300,000 by research. SADC students will pay $2,400 and International students will pay $2,600 by Course work and US$2,500 and US$2,500 by research.

All applicants will be required to provide proof of previous education. Copies of notification of results, transcripts and diplomas or certificates in the application where necessary.


  1. The collection and determination of catering fees is solely in the hands of service providers. Students will be expected to pay directly to service providers for their food. Details of payments will be provided in the offer letter.
  2. The University does not use an agent in recruitment of its students and payment of fees.
  3. Those students scheduled for Teaching Practice (TP) and Attachments (ATT) will be required to pay a contribution fee of MK50, 000.00 before commencement of TP and ATT. This fee does not cater for accommodation.
  4. Studnts for Publich Health should have a registration fee of MK10,000 for the Medical Council of Malawi paid once in the First Semester in Year 1.
  5. Details of fees payment will be communicated in admission letters.
  6. Applicants should pay a non-refundable application fee of MK10,000 for undergraduates and MK15,000 for postgraduates into the bank account below:

Account Number     :                       027 23 78334

Account Name        :                       University of Livingstonia

Bank                           :                       First Capital Bank (FCB)

Branch                       :                       MZUZU


a. All applicants should provide proof of capability to pay the required fees.

b. Upon admission into the programmes, students should pay half of the required fees per semester in order to be registered. The fees balance should be paid in at least two instalments.

c. Students are required to deposit fees to the bank and produce the deposit slip during registration.

d. Only students who have paid the required fees and fulfilled registration requirements will be given authority to attend classes and access other services.

e. For Postgraduate programmes, related costs such as accommodation, meals, book allowances, field research and medical cover will be the student’s responsibility.

f. The Council of the University of Livingstonia reserves the right to amend all fees during the course of the academic year.

g. Application forms can be accessed on the University website (, University Central Office or the faculty offices at Ekwendeni. In case the forms are not available, applicants can simply send their application letters to the University Registrar through the University Central Office, P.O. Box 112, Mzuzu.

h. All admitted candidates will be required to respect and abide by the Christian values as practiced by the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia.

i. All enquiries pertaining to academic programmes should be addressed or directed to the following contacts:

  1. Faculty of Education             : Cell:              0994 588 751 or  0886 269 822

: Email:   |

  1. Faculty of Applied Sciences : Cell:              0884 231 089

: Email:  

  1. Faculty of Social Sciences : Cell :             0999 567 992 | 0888 567 299

: Email:    |

  • Faculty of Theology : Cell:              0881 353 497

: Email:  |

  1. Faculty of Business and Communication Studies

: Email   

j. Any other enquiries should be addressed to the University Registrar, Tel: 01311, 111; 01311 615 or

The University of Livingstonia, through excellence in teaching, research and learning environment, shall educate and inspire students to become principled leaders who will  transform society for the glory of God.